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What is disposable surgical gown?

Disposable Surgical Gown

As we all know the Covid outbreak has made it imperative for humans to use safety gears and precautions. Disposable Surgical Gown, PPE Kits, Lab coats are some of the prominent medical clothing that help prevention of diseases.

If you have been looking for the best Disposable Surgical Gown manufacturer then you have come to the right place. We are a Disposable Surgical Gown maker based in Vasai Thane, Mumbai. You can find the best quality gown that has different layers to offer better protection.

Anyone who is associated with the health care industry might have a notion on how these gowns work. They come with added layers of fabric that prevent direct contact and transfer of infective agents and viruses. When the surgical team is operating the wound the gown acts as a barrier against blood and fluid penetration.

Who are we?

If you are wondering where to find the Best Disposable Surgical Gown then you have reached the perfect destination. Here are some common factors that contribute to the use of surgical gowns. We are a Disposable Surgical Gown Manufacturer in Mumbai. We strive to offer the best surgical gowns that are typically worn once. After using it you can dispose the gown as they are made up of cotton or rayon. Along with great protective features the surgical gown fit closely around your body and offer comfort.

Disposable Surgical Gowns are usually put to use in hospitals to protect the doctor as well as patient. It is made up of materials that absorb fluids or any other spill that occurs during treating the patient. Besides protecting against infection they provide more comfort than tradition medical clothing during surgery.

We make Surgical Gowns out of light and breathable material that let the doctor to move freely and stay at utmost comfort. Wearing the disposable surgical gown you can get rid of discomfort and laundering again and again.

We offer the Best Disposable Surgical Gown

Here are some factors you need to take into account while choosing a disposable surgical gown. We have manufactured surgical gowns that keep you safe while undergoing any type of surgery. It has been designed with multiple protective layers that add to its protective features.

Especially when you are working in a contaminated area these surgical gowns offer the best protection. With these disposable surgical gowns you can ensure a safe and clean environment for surgery. We have designed it with much attention keeping the elastic cuff soft that offers maximum dexterity and porosity that provides breathability to the skin.

You can find us in Vasai Thane Mumbai. To place an order one can reach us using our website or through phone.

Benefits of Disposable Surgical Gown

Using a disposable surgical gown you can enjoy plenty of benefits. Here are some reasons why you should choose a disposable gown over the traditional one.

Better Protection

A disposable surgical gown offers better protection than a reusable one by absorbing more liquid during spills. Since it is to be used once it keeps the doctor’s skin clean. The risk of cross-contamination is reduced to a great extent.

No Laundering

Unlike a traditional reusable surgical gown you do not need to go through the hassle of laundering. These gowns as simply meant to be thrown away after using once. Disposable gowns keep the doctors clean potentially reducing the likelihood of any infections.

More Cost Effective

After the recent pandemic there has been a great surge in the demand of surgical gowns. Disposable surgical gowns hold around 80% of the market. They are known to be more cost effective over the traditional gown. Studies have found Disposable surgical gowns more potent in terms of protective performance and durability.

Types of Disposable Surgical Gowns we Offer

We offer different types of surgical gowns that protect the doctor’s as well as patient’s health while the surgery is being performed.

Disposable Plastic Isolation Gowns

Disposable Plastic Isolation Gowns offer complete protection against hazardous fluids and splashes of contaminants. We have manufactured the gown to offer a perfect fit and offer comfort even after wearing it for long hours.

The plastic gown is made up of ultra-durable and 100% waterproof LPDE. These are tear proof and offer water resistant properties.

Disposable Isolation Protective Gowns

When there is a lesser amount of risk Disposable Isolation Protective Gowns come handy. Especially in cases of small surgeries doctors make use of these gowns. They are made up of polypropylene and designed to offer better fluid resistance and protection.

Levels of a Disposable Surgical Gown

There are different levels of a surgical gown that are classified on the basis of level of protection they offer.

Level 1

We manufacture level 1 surgical gown that is used for minimal risk situations. For an instance when there is a general health care check up or for patient visitors.

Level 2

These gowns offer slightly better protection than the previous level. They are generally worn while drawing blood or suturing.

Level 3

Level 3 disposable surgical gowns offer more shield to health care workers. It is used by medical staff in operating rooms or during treating a trauma case.

Level 4

When in serious medical conditions such as fluid intense operations or high risk surgeries level 4 surgical gowns are used.

Importance of Using a Disposable Surgical Gown

No matter what type of health care center you run it is always important to pay attention to safety. Disposable surgical gowns are always better than the traditions ones as they are more cost effective, keep clean and meet the standards for use in health care facilities.

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