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Surgical Gloves

As we know, surgical gloves are imperative for every hospital, clinic or health care centre. By using surgical gloves the wearer and the patient can be saved from the spread of micro-organisms that may potentially cause infection or illness.

If you have been looking for the Best Surgical Gloves in Vasai, Mumbai then you this is the one-stop destination for you. We manufacture surgical gloves that can be used during medical procedures and examinations.

With this Covid outbreak personal protective equipment is critical for any health care unit. We also manufacture PPE Kits, surgical gown, face masks, scrub suits and drape sheets along with surgical gloves.

Why Should you Choose Us

At Modazer we have designed the best surgical gloves that are sterile powered and wrinkle free. Once put on the gloves will fit tightly on the skin without causing any discomfort. On the other hand lets you to perform the tasks without any hassle and attain precision. Our surgical gloves are resistance to most substances that may come in contact while performing a surgery or medical examination.

You can purchase these surgical gloves to fight against the widespread of Corona virus disease. Wearing them both the medical worker and patient can be saved from spreading the virus. Especially doctors and medical staffs are in much need of a good quality surgical glove. This allows them to stay safe while providing special treatment to the seriously ill folks.

Introduction to Surgical Gloves

If you have been using surgical gloves since a long time then you must be aware of its characteristics. However, those who aren’t yet aware about them might be in a state of dilemma. Hence, we have explained the basic use of surgical gloves in a nutshell.

If you are on a health care contract, run a hospital or a private clinic then a surgical glove must be an essential part of your medical kit. We have specially developed exceptional surgical gloves that act as a protective barrier to prevent transmission of diseases and virus.

Surgical gloves are different from examination gloves. They are to be worn during high risk treatments in order to limit or stop the transmissions of diseases between the patient and the doctor. We have gone through several quality checks to reach a high level of quality standard. These gloves are sterile and individually packed in pairs.

Medical professionals can get these gloves from our website by simply placing an order.

Benefits of our Surgical Gloves

Using surgical gloves can help you with a broad array of things. Surgical gloves we manufacturer are the best in terms of offering remarkable protection. Here is a list of benefits that you can enjoy:

Prevent the Transmission of Virus

If you are associated with the health care industry then you must have been aware of this benefit. Use of a good quality surgical glove while treating the patient prevents transmission of virus from the patient to the doctor or any other health care worker.

Prevent Surgical Site Infections

Surgical gloves also aim at offering the best protection against the risk of surgical site infections. They safeguard the surgeon without hindering the work that requires precision. Surgical gloves manufactured at Modazer are textured with grips and enable better dexterity.

Shield for your Hands

Good quality surgical gloves act as shield for your hands by protecting it against hazardous substances, pills, viruses, bacteria and bio hazards. These might come in contact with your hands while being in physical contact with patients. So, when you have your surgical gloves on you significantly reduce the chances of an infection outbreak.

Choosing the right Surgical Gloves to get the Best Protection


The first thing you need to check while considering a surgical glove is its material. For many years natural rubber latex has been the best suited material for disposable surgical gloves. It offers a great level of performance along with comfort and flexibility. This makes it easy for the professional to put it on and remove. Our customers have reported that the latex glove offered them the best comfort.

Level of Protection

Protection always remains on the top. Keeping this in mind we have manufactured products that offer the best level of protection. Our surgical gloves feature global level standards such as thickness, tensile strength and puncture resistance.

Fit and Comfort

Great fit and comfort always goes without a question. We put special attention to fit and comfort while manufacturing surgical gloves. If you want your medical team to feel comfortable especially while performing long surgeries then Modazer would be the right choice.

Surgical Gloves Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of wearing the right surgical gloves?

Of course a sterile surgical glove carries the responsibility of protecting the wearer and the patient from cross contamination. It prevents viruses, bacteria and pathogens from entering the sterile surgical work area.

How many times you can use surgical gloves?

Usage of surgical gloves depends upon the quality and disinfection method followed. However, the disposable gloves can be used up to 20 times with proper disinfection. On the other hand some studies have found that these should be changed after every 90 minutes of use. This is due to the fact that it might cause the risk of glove barrier deterioration.

Which is the best surgical glove?

Modazer is the manufacturer of the Best Surgical Gloves in Thane Mumbai. You can find a wide range of surgical gloves, sterile surgical gloves and gammex latex surgical gloves.

Best Surgical Gloves in Thane Mumbai

If you are looking for the Best Surgical Gloves in Vasai-Virar Mumbai then you have come to the right place. If you still have questions about which surgical gloves to consider then you can reach out to our staff through our website or quickly connect on 7559208544, 9766568536. 

Client Testimonials

“The Modazer Team provided us with great customer support and helped us choose the best surgical glove for our health care organization.”

Nitesh Kumar (Head of Stephen Hospital)

“Taking to the Modazer team has been the decision I have ever made in my life. They educated me with the proper use of surgical gloves and on choosing the appropriate one for my team. My health care team loved these gloves and reported how much they loved wearing them”

Rajesh Pandey (Management head Saba Clinic)

I just want to say a ton of thanks to the team for making the procurement of surgical gloves so smooth. Thanks again!!

Amrit Pathak (Director of Clinic Value)

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