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Looking for the Best Drape Sheet Manufacturer in Mumbai? If your answer is yes then you have come to the perfect destination. We supply Drape Sheets in Vasai Thane Mumbai India. At Modazer you can find the best quality surgical drape sheets, disposable drape sheets, medical drape sheets, maternity drape sheet and even more.

If you are a health care provider running a hospital, clinic or nursing home then Modazer has got you covered with all necessary supplies. Read the article below to know everything related to Drape Sheets and make the best purchase.

Who Are We?

We are the manufacturer of Drape Sheets in Virar Mumbai, India. When you are picking up a medical supply for your health care organization you should definitely focus on quality and worthiness. At Modazer one can find affordable Medical Drape Sheets which is not only affordable but offers high standards.

If you are starting a health care unit then you might make a mistake of buying things you don’t even need. Apart from adding necessary medical clothing such as lab coat, surgical gloves, doctor coat and PPE kit a drape sheet acts as an icing on the cake.

Types of Material Used to Manufacture Surgical Drapes

Modazer makes all types of drape sheets that are made up of cloth and paper. Drape sheets are both re-usable as well as disposable. You can find combined drape sheets, maternity drape sheets, medical drape sheets and more. It enables the surgeon to operate the patient without having to worry about any contamination. Scroll down to read more about Drape Sheets.

Fenestrated Drape Sheet

Modazer is the maker of fenestrated drape sheets that are made up of high quality materials and pack all the required anti-contamination properties. If you aren’t yet aware of what a fenestrated drape sheet is then here is an easy explanation. A fenestrated drape sheet is a medical sheet that has a window in it allowing the surgeon perform an incision and operate the patient.

Fenestrated drape sheets are usually used in operation theaters, maternity rooms and other health care units. It is a sterile and latex free sheet usually manufactured in blue color. Moreover fenestrated drape sheets we make has the maximum rating for flame resistance, abrasion and resistant to tearing.

While using a fenestrated drape sheet a surgeon operates through the hole present in it. It is quite efficient to achieve the highest level of cross infection between the patient and the medical staff. Due to its special shape the Drape Sheet takes care of the patient too during a special operation.

Affordable Medical Drape Sheets

Medical Drape Sheets are made quite affordable by us. At Modazer you can find extremely cost effective surgical and medical drape sheets. Anyone who is running a health care project can find Modazer their one stop destination. There are all types of drape sheets available at our place. We make use of fabric that has resistance to tear, flame, abrasion and strikethrough. Drape Sheets by Modazer reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.

Best Quality Surgical Drape Sheets

Surgical drape sheets by Modazer are manufactured using two layer light material with excellent draping values. We have made the best quality choice of fabric reinforcements that are designed to reduce chances of fluid run off as well as instrument slippage. You can simply give us a call or email to get your orders placed for the best quality drape sheet.

Disposable Drape Sheets

The advent of the pandemic has put disposable medical products to use. Hence, we have made unprecedented quality disposable drape sheets that are handy in any infected area. Making use of disposable drape sheets the chances of virus infections can be decreased. Wet strength of the fabric is strong and is made up of absorbent material stopping the fluids to spill.

Maternity Drape Sheet

We are the Leading Manufacturer of maternity drape sheet in Vasai Mumbai India. Modazer is the maker of the best quality disposable maternity drape sheet that has great absorbent qualities. Maternity drape sheets are used in gynecological procedures. Drapes sheets we produce are high quality and have skin friendly adhesive tapes that can keep them intact in their place.

Other products we manufacture include gynecology drape, neonatal sheets, cystoscopy drape, laparoscopy drape, caesarian drape, trolley cover, trolley cover and plain sheet.

Medical Drape Sheets Frequently Asked Questions

What are Drape Sheet Uses?

Drape Sheets are used during surgeries in operation theaters in order to prevent contamination, flow of fluids and maintain a sterile field at the surgical site. Use of drape sheet promotes a more hygienic environment with better fluid management during C section procedures. They also keep the patient dry during the process.

How can Plastic Drape Sheet be defined?

Plastic drape sheets are used in the intensive care units to shield the wound from organisms and bacteria that might be present on the surrounding skin during the time of surgery. At Modazer you can find the best Quality Plastic Drape Sheet.

What is a Combined Drape Sheet?

Combined drape sheets are made up of combination of drapes that are made up of both paper and plastic adhesive.

Where can I get an Eye Drape Sheet?

Eye Drape Sheets are designed for use in eye hospitals and eye care units. They also come with a unique U shaped pouch that is meant for fluid containment. This reduces the exposure of the skin to spills or other fluids that might be used in the treatment. At Modazer you can find The Best Eye Drape Sheet.

Client Testimonials

“Highly recommend Modazer to everyone who is looking for medical supplies. They are quite cost effective as well as offer the best quality products”.

Director HLZ Hospital

“I Love Modazer for their great value for money and customer support. Their team helped me with all the information I needed about drape sheets and also educated me about other medical products. I also found their products handy while at work. I would surely return back at the place to shop for more products”.

Operations Manager Vision Nursing Home

Drape Sheet

With the outbreak of corona virus it has been much important for the masses to take unusual care and safeguard themselves against the disease. In this scenario it is important for an employer to keep a keen eye on the safety of workers. In addition to prevention a Drape Sheet is equally necessary to reinforce Covid-appropriate behavior.

We have designed the best Drape Sheets that have the ability to prevent infection and keep you shielded. Personal protective equipment also commonly known as PPE is effective in preventing the daunting effects of infection in health care professionals.

Who are we?

We are the best Drape Sheet Manufacturer in Vasai Thane Mumbai. With the advent of Covid 19 there has been a rise in the wave for procurement and distribution of Drape Sheets. In addition to providing Drape Sheets to your workers you can also educate them about the usage of these protective kits.

You can choose us as your Drape Sheet partner then distribute them among your workers to safeguard their health. Drape Sheets can be used in any industry whether it is the health care industry, retail sectors, travel, industry and much more.

About Drape Sheets

Now that you have understood the basic concept of Drape Sheets lets dive into it a little deeper. Drape Sheets protect you against the spread of COVID as well as offer protection from hazards such as chemical spills, gas leaks and other perils. You can add the usage of gloves, safety glasses, boots and reflective jackets to add to your well being when at work.

How Does a Drape Sheet Work

In simple terms a Drape Sheet acts as hindrance for disease causing virus to reach your body. When you are well covered with a personal protective gear you are secure against all pathogens that might harm you. A Drape Sheet comprises of all wearable items that shield you from hazards. These can be helmets, PPE gown, gloves, shoes, jacket and mask.

It works by offering a protective covering to your body preventing it to be exposed to disease causing agents. You can wear the Drape Sheet as per the demand of your working environment putting safety as your foremost concern.

Types of Drape Sheets we Make  

At Modazer you can find a broad array of Drape Sheets built for your safety. Here is a list of all the personal protective gears we manufacture.

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